Become a Master Gardener

To qualify as a Master Gardener volunteer, you need a good basic knowledge of, and interest in, ornamental horticulture and general home gardening. If you are an experienced gardener and would like to learn more, promote gardening, and volunteer within your community consider becoming a Master Gardener!

Master Gardeners in Training (MGiTs) must successfully complete an educational component and the required annual volunteer hours for two years before they become certified as Master Gardeners. There are three paths toward completing the educational component for certification as a Master Gardener in Ontario: online study through Dalhousie University, University of Guelph, or by Certification Examination.  If you have a current degree in horticulture, you are eligible to become a Master Gardener after the completion of your two years of volunteer duties. MGiTs generally are expected to complete their on-line education within 2 years.

The commitment to volunteer and continued learning is critical.

Courses start periodically through the year so Master Gardeners in Training can start almost any time. Our chapter pays one half of all fees for courses successfully completed by Master Gardeners in Training. The Master Gardeners meet once each month between September and June.

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Here’s an FAQ from Master Gardeners of Ontario which should answer any further questions you might have:


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