Children’s Garden Award 2019

Thank you to all the children who have sent us applications!  We will be in touch with you to arrange our first visit to your garden sometime in June or July.

If you have questions, you can send us an email at: or,  you can call Barbra Stock at 613-476-0220.

You can plant your garden anywhere: in your own backyard, at another family member’s, at a neighbour, or even at the Community Gardens in Picton.

Your diary should include a drawing of your garden plan – what you want to plant and where you’ll plant it.  Write down anything you see in your garden, a bug or if you notice something about one of your plants, or if you see a funny weed or a beautiful butterfly.  Tell us what you see day to day changing in your garden, either in words, or with drawings.

If you will be away for any part of the summer, just get a friend (preferably one of your friends) to come over to your garden and keep it watered and looked after while you’re away.  You can ask for help or advice from your parents but you must do the work yourself. The most important thing is to have fun!

Information brochure for parents 2019

Gardening Tips for Kids

Newspaper Seedling Pots Instructions

Attracting Birds to Your Garden – Terry Sprague

Bean Pole Teepee for Children

This is a fun project the whole family can do together.  Create a living playhouse for your kids and then let them enjoy harvesting the beans as they ripen!

Here’s Sharon Harrison’s article in The Wellington Times, April 18, 2019 : Gardening Competition

Good luck and we look forward to visiting your gardens this summer!

CGA flyer 2019 (May 11th)